Technology partner selection and 'reality check' advice

Hyperloop is a highly innovative and radically disruptive technology. It has the potential to transform mobility in the 21st Century as profoundly as railways changed transport in the 19th, or aviation shrank the globe in the 20th.

However, precisely because it is so disruptive, there is inevitably a great deal of misinformation and misunderstanding in the market. Whilst some players in this emerging industry are delivering real world progress, with real world breakthroughs in physical engineering and digital systems development, others have little more than slick presentations and overstated aspirations.

hypervisory® uses deep and unique knowledge of the hyperloop industry and of the high speed transport and MaaS market generally, to help clients select only partners who are capable of delivering the proposed project, on a clearly-stated and mutually agreed timescale, underpinned by a clear financial, regulatory and construction plan.

From experience of multiple projects, working with the leading practices in the field, we are able to make recommendations regarding all the parties required to design, refine and deliver a hyperloop project, including:

  • hyperloop technology suppliers
  • hyperloop ecosystem partners and local content supply chain
  • demand, ridership and revenue experts
  • project finance / PPP experts
  • operations partners and advisers
  • engineering consultants
  • architects
  • economics consultants
  • communications consultants

To discuss your requirements, please contact hypervisory®.