The hypervisory® Project Development Advisory Service covers all the major issues involved in strategic project development. The topics below are typical examples.

How to develop a strategic hyperloop project plan, based on in-depth understanding of the capabilities and limitations of the technology.

How to develop and appraise a hyperloop project business case.

How to compare the costs and benefits of hyperloop projects versus investment in conventional transport systems, such as high speed rail.

How to capture innovation and in-country strategic economic benefits from hyperloop projects, using inward investment and economic development policy tools.

How to ensure that local industry benefits by creating a high-tech, high-skill ecosystem and supply chain, to multiply the in-country economic impact and to maximise local content of the project.

How to integrate hyperloop with other modes of transport, including aviation, rail, metro and freight distribution networks.

How to leverage a hyperloop project to secure Mobility as a Service (MaaS) benefits across multiple modes of transport, many of which could occur even if a hyperloop is not ultimately implemented.

How to select a hyperloop technology partner for a project, and how to structure the working relationship with that company's technical and commercial teams.

How to structure the commercial relationship with the selected hyperloop technology provider to share in any capital value uplift in that hyperloop company's stock.

How to achieve regulatory approval for a hyperloop project.

How to select an operator for a hyperloop project.

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